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“Give me the opportunity to take over your stage and I’ll give a captivating, eloquent, and dynamic panel or keynote speech, and diversity and cultural sensitivity training at your next new employee orientation, annual training, cultural competence training, business and leadership training and caregiver training. I’ll share an incredible message shaped by failures experienced in my life. My goal is to engage, educate and empower the audience to embrace cultural differences, grow and thrive.


Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Sensitivity Training

Online Curriculum

This signature course teaches business owners and corporate leaders on how to embrace cultural differences of their employees, promote unity, and create an inclusive environment that allows their employees to thrive. We will accomplish this by breaking the training into key factors required for good leaders and effective corporations to embrace in order to create a productive diverse work environment. In six weeks, you will learn key factors and strategies needed to TRANSFORM your Diversity and Inclusion vision into action steps that increase return on investment as well as make a global impact.

A 6-Week Survival Guide for Caregivers to Avoid Burnout .

Burnout or Blossom

This unique course teaches caregivers who are stressed, physically exhausted or depressed learn strategies to avoid burnout in six weeks so they can have a sense of balance, happiness and increase in general well-being while taking care of loved ones without taking any medications. The first Milestone you will achieve is to identify your purpose and role as a caregiver, identify the factors causing your stress and gain confidence in expressing your feelings

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross cultural communication can be effective when people make the conscious decision to become aware and embrace cultural differences have the knowledge of different cultural backgrounds and are intentional, respectful, and sensitive to the way of life of others.

Some of my Past Speaking Topics:

Work with Dr. G

Bridging the Culture Gap through Effective Communication

inspire and motivate healthcare professionals to become culturally competent and socially comfortable with communicating with one another to improve employee, co-worker and patient relationships.

The Power of Inclusion

teaching leaders how to leverage diverse talent and teaching employees how to create an inclusive work environment through self and cultural awareness.

The Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

my work is focused on the key factors required for good leaders and effective corporations to embrace cultural differences in order to create a productive, diverse and inclusive work environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are core principles.

Cultural Pearls of Awareness

Application of Cultural Competence Research. What it all means for business in education, healthcare, corporate and law enforcement.

How to Develop Self and Cultural Awareness

using the 5P success formula as a tool to expand the capacity to achieve success.

Turn Your Failures into Strengths With The Right Mindset

Inspire and empower audiences not to accept failure as the end of life but to stay focused on the price by living on purpose.

Activate Your Passion

Inspiring, Innovative, and Influence” - curated for Nurses Week celebration.

The Cultural Competence Level Of

Senior and Junior Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Two HBCU Environments- presentation of research results

The Essential 5Ps of Success Purpose, Passion, Perseverance, Persistence and Patience”

everyone must have a framework they use as a road map to overcome challenges.

Healthcare Providers’ Cultural Awareness

and Perceptions of Quality Care” 39th Annual Conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society.

Speaking for Collegians

Topics vary but focus on educating and inspiring students how to find their passion and identify a purpose that drives academic and professional success using the 5 P Success Formula of self and cultural awareness.

Motivational Speaking

I engage, educate and empower my clients to have faith and believe in their foundation, unique talents and skills and tap into their God Given Potential. I accomplish this by sharing my experiences, expertise, roadblocks and success stories.


curated based on the needs of the organization and the theme of the occasion.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conferences- inspired from my story-the story of an immigrant girl who learns how to adapt in a new country and how she survived her challenges. This conference raises awareness about the value of collaborating with people of different cultures, races, genders, ethnicities, beliefs, experiences and ideas. It also provides culturally appropriate tools and strategies to enable them understand how concepts such as religion, cultural awareness, culturally competent communication, unconscious bias, civility and workplace sensitivity can expand their capacity to succeed personally and professionally.

Diversity and Inclusion Ball: the D & I ball provides an opportunity to promote culture and highlight the significance of diversity as an agent of inclusion and positive change.
Put Your Mask On First (PYMF) Caregiver Retreat-This retreat is created for family caregivers to take time out for themselves, get away; REST, RELAX & REFRESH. This retreat is inspired by my role as a family caregiver to my special needs son and my dad who is disabled as well for over 20 years.


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Have you ever moved somewhere new that was so different that you had to relearn everything? Like a new way of getting around, a new lifestyle, or even which gestures are socially appropriate? In her debut book, Cultural Awareness: A Strategy That Can Influence Your Journey to Success, Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia shares her own personal journey to success —- and how cultural awareness played a defining role in her ability to achieve her goals. Dr. Gwanmesia’s story of moving somewhere new for more opportunities is one many of us can relate to. Beyond learning how to adapt to life in a foreign country, she cites “the Five P’s” as her roadmap to success: Purpose, Passion, Persistence, Patience, and Perseverance. This insightful read has a bit of wisdom for all of us; from the international student adjusting to a new country and way of learning and what it means to go on a cultural competence journey.